EP polyester conveyor belt anti-slip wear-resistant customized

EP polyester conveyor belt anti-slip wear-resistant customized

EP polyester conveyor belt, also known as wear-resistant conveyor belt or automatic conveyor belt, is a conveyor belt with EP polyester canvas as the skeleton. It has the characteristics of high modulus, small elongation in use, good heat resistance and impact resistance. This conveyor belt is particularly suitable for material transportation under medium and long distances, high load and high speed conditions, and is widely used in coal, mining, ports, metallurgy, electricity and chemical industries. In addition, EP polyester conveyor belt also has the characteristics of high strength, thin belt body, light weight, smooth operation and no deviation, making it the preferred solution for material transportation.


What’s more worth mentioning is that we can customize it according to customer needs. Whether it is width, length or thickness, we can accurately meet it to ensure that the conveyor belt perfectly fits your transportation system.

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Choosing our company, you not only choose high-quality EP polyester conveyor belts, but also choose professional services and comprehensive solutions. We have rich industry experience and a professional technical team to provide you with the best products and services. At the same time, we also promise fast response time and perfect after-sales service to ensure that your transportation system is always in the best condition.

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