Factory direct sales diamond pattern conveyor belt

Factory direct sales diamond pattern conveyor belt

1. Product Overview

This diamond pattern conveyor belt is manufactured using advanced production technology. Its unique diamond pattern design not only increases the friction of the conveyor belt, but also improves the stability and efficiency of material transportation. This conveyor belt is suitable for a variety of industries and fields, especially in situations where stable transportation and anti-skid are required.


2. Product Features

Strong anti-skid performance: The diamond pattern design can effectively increase the friction between the conveyor belt and the material, prevent the material from sliding or falling during transportation, and ensure the stability and safety of transportation.

Excellent wear resistance: The surface of the conveyor belt is made of wear-resistant materials, which can resist long-term, high-intensity friction and wear, and extend the service life.


Good tensile resistance: The interior of the conveyor belt is made of high-strength materials, which can ensure that it can maintain a stable size and shape under long-term, high-load operation.

Strong load-bearing capacity: The diamond pattern conveyor belt has a large load-bearing area, can carry more materials, and improves the conveying efficiency.

Easy to clean and maintain: The surface of the conveyor belt is smooth and flat, easy to clean; at the same time, its structure is simple, easy to maintain and replace worn parts.

3. Applicable scenarios

This diamond pattern conveyor belt is widely used in material conveying systems in mining, ports, power, metallurgy, chemical industry and other industries. It is particularly suitable for occasions that require stable conveying and anti-slip, such as the conveying of coal, ore, sand, gravel, grain and other materials.

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