Usage of conveyor belt connecting buckle

Usage of conveyor belt connecting buckle

Do you know how to use the conveyor belt connecting buckle? I believe many people are unfamiliar with this issue. Next, let Zaozhuang Jinfulex Rubber and Plastic Technology Co., Ltd., a professional manufacturer of conveyor belts, introduce it to you:

The conveyor belt connecting buckle is usually used to connect the two ends of the conveyor belt to ensure the complete closure of the conveyor belt and maintain the normal operation of the conveyor system. The following is the usage method of the conveyor belt connecting buckle:

1. Preparation tools: Connecting the conveyor belt requires some specialized tools, such as connecting buckles, connecting buckle clamps, wrenches, and other tools.


2. Prepare the conveyor belt: Cut the two ends of the conveyor belt to be connected at appropriate angles for the installation of connecting buckles.


3. Install connecting buckles: First, install connecting buckles at the connection ports at both ends of the conveyor belt, ensuring that the connecting buckles are aligned horizontally with the conveyor belt. Then use the connecting buckle fixture to press the connecting buckle tightly, ensuring that the connecting buckle is evenly stressed and safe and reliable.


4. Check the connection: After the connection is completed, check whether the connection is securely and smoothly installed, without any looseness or protrusions.


5. Adjusting the conveyor belt: After the connection is completed, the tension of the conveyor belt can be adjusted as needed to ensure its normal operation.


It should be noted that when connecting the conveyor Cold Resistant Conveyor Belt , attention should be paid to operating standards to ensure that the connection buckle is installed firmly and smoothly, to avoid the conveyor belt falling off or interrupting due to poor connection, which will affect the normal operation of the conveyor system. If the connecting buckle is damaged or loose, it should be replaced or repaired in a timely manner to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the conveyor belt.

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