Causes of abnormal noise in belt conveyors

Causes of abnormal noise in belt conveyors

Belt conveyors may encounter various problems during operation, such as noise failures. Today, let’s analyze the reasons together.

The first is the noise that occurs when the derailment is severely eccentric. The belt conveyor will make abnormal noise when it is derailed during operation. The main reason for the noise is that the wall thickness of the derailed seamless steel pipe is uneven, and the centrifugal force generated is large and makes noise. The position of such tailing can be adjusted during maintenance to achieve the purpose of reducing noise.


The second is the noise when the two shafts of the coupling are not concentric. The coupling between the motor and the reducer of the drive device, or the coupling of the brake wheel makes abnormal noise.

The third is the noise of the reducer. The reasons for the vibration or abnormal sound of the reducer include loose anchor screws, misaligned wheel center or loose wheel screws, gear tooth loss or severe wear, etc.


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