Why does the conveyor belt get damaged?

Why does the conveyor belt get damaged?

Belt conveyors are bound to fail after long-term operation, especially the belt part, which may tear longitudinally, crack the belt, and damage the belt surface. Let’s analyze it today.


First, the reason for the longitudinal tearing of the belt. There are foreign objects mixed in the material, and the foreign objects are hard, which leads to blockage of the plum pipe or derailment defects, and scratches on the derailment frame.

Second, the reason for the cracking of the belt. Due to the limitation of space size, the belt is bent many times; or when the joint is vulcanized, it has been vulcanized more than twice for various reasons.

Third, the reason for the tearing of the vulcanized joint of the belt. The diameter of the redirection roller is small, and the belt bears a large bending stress; or it is scratched by the sharp corners of the equipment such as the cleaner and suction device on the belt; or the conveyor has a short working cycle, frequent startup, and high instantaneous tension. These are the reasons for the damage of the belt conveyor.


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