Concrete conveying pump hose

Concrete conveying pump hose

A concrete conveying pump hose is a specialized hose used for transferring concrete or other high-density materials. It is an essential component in the concrete pumping process, allowing for the smooth and efficient transfer of concrete from the pump to the desired location.

The concrete conveying pump hose is typically made of three layers of rubber:
1. Inner rubber layer: The inner rubber layer is in direct contact with the material being conveyed. It is highly abrasion-resistant and corrosion-resistant, capable of withstanding high pressures and high-speed flow of the material.
2. Reinforcement layer: The reinforcement layer is usually comprised of multiple layers of fabric or metal wire braiding to enhance the hose’s strength, pressure resistance, and abrasion resistance.
3. Outer rubber layer: The outer rubber layer serves to protect and resist aging, preventing the hose from being deteriorated by exposure to the external environment and extending its service life.

When using a concrete conveying pump hose, it is important to consider the following points:
1. Before using, inspect the hose for any signs of cracks, wear, or damage. If any issues are detected, replace the hose promptly.
2. Exercise caution during hose installation and removal, avoiding twisting or excessive stretching.
3. Maintain cleanliness of the hose, clearing any concrete residues to prevent blockages.
4. Avoid puncturing or damaging the hose with sharp objects.
5. Regularly inspect hose connections during use for any looseness or leakage and repair promptly.

It is worth noting that the specific types, specifications, and usage requirements of concrete conveying pump hoses may vary depending on different brands and models. Before using, refer to the relevant operating instructions and user manuals, and follow the recommendations and requirements provided by the manufacturer.

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