Do you know how to install the conveyor belt?

Do you know how to install the conveyor belt?

Before installing the conveyor belt, a series of carefully planned preparation measures are essential. They are not only related to the smooth operation of the equipment, but also the guarantee of extending its service life.

First of all, the stability of the frame cannot be ignored. We need to ensure that the diagonal length of the frame is consistent to provide a solid foundation for the subsequent conveyor belt installation.

Secondly, the integrity of the fuselage bracket is also critical. Any slight deformation may affect the installation accuracy and even bury safety hazards. Therefore, we must carefully check and repair or replace the damaged bracket in time.

At the same time, the pulley, as the soul of the conveyor belt, must be kept clean and free of foreign matter such as grease, dust, etc. to ensure its flexible rotation and long life.

As an important support for the conveyor belt, the rotation flexibility and intact state of the roller also need our attention. Any jamming or damage may affect the normal operation of the conveyor belt.

In addition, the intact state of accessories such as the sweeper hopper and rubber flange cannot be ignored. Although they are not directly involved in the conveying, they may cause damage to the conveyor belt during the installation process. Therefore, we need to remove them in advance and keep them properly.

Finally, the flexibility of the tensioning device is the key to ensure the stable operation of the conveyor belt. We need to ensure that it moves freely and can be adjusted to the best possible condition as needed.

With these careful preparations, we pave the way for the installation of the conveyor belt, ensuring that it can operate stably and efficiently.

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