Oil resistant conveyor belt nitrile rubber oil resistant factory direct sales

Oil resistant conveyor belt nitrile rubber oil resistant factory direct sales

Oil-resistant conveyor belt is a special conveyor belt designed for oil-containing material transportation or oily environment. It uses high-strength materials such as canvas or nylon as the belt core, and the outer layer is covered with nitrile rubber with excellent oil resistance to ensure that it can maintain stable physical and mechanical properties in oil environments.


Oil-resistant conveyor belt has excellent oil resistance, can effectively resist the swelling and erosion of oil on the belt surface, and can maintain high strength and low volume change rate after long-term use. In addition, it also has excellent wear resistance and impact resistance, can operate stably under harsh working conditions, and reduce failure rate and maintenance costs.


According to the performance of the covering rubber, oil-resistant conveyor belts are divided into wear-resistant type and general type to meet the needs of different application scenarios. At the same time, its oil resistance is divided into two levels, Y1 and Y2, to ensure stable performance in various oil environments.

Choosing our company’s oil-resistant conveyor belt means choosing excellent performance and long-lasting quality. Whether you are in coal mining, mining operations, port logistics, metallurgical production and other industries, we can provide the most suitable oil-resistant conveyor belt solutions for you. For more details, please visit our company’s website.http://www.belt-home.com/login.php

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