Reasons why bucket elevator belt gaskets are easily broken

Reasons why bucket elevator belt gaskets are easily broken

Bucket elevator belt gaskets are key accessories for bucket elevator conveyor belts, and their durability directly affects the operating efficiency of the entire conveying system. The main reasons why gaskets are prone to breakage are as follows:

1. Severe wear: Due to long-term contact with materials, gaskets will be subject to varying degrees of wear, especially when handling materials with high hardness and large particles, the wear is more serious.

2. Material problem: If the gasket material is not wear-resistant and has poor anti-aging performance, it is easy to crack and break during use.


3. Improper installation: If the gasket does not match the hole spacing of the hopper during installation, or the installation position is incorrect, the gasket will be unevenly stressed, thereby accelerating its damage.


Regular replacement: According to the usage and degree of wear, regularly check and replace the gasket to ensure the normal operation of the conveying system.

Select high-quality materials: Choose materials with good wear resistance and anti-aging performance to make gaskets to extend their service life.


Correct installation: When installing the gasket, ensure that it matches the hole spacing of the hopper and is installed in the correct position to avoid damage caused by uneven force.

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