Revealing the different types of patterned conveyor belts

Revealing the different types of patterned conveyor belts

Patterned conveyor belts are a powerful assistant in logistics, mining, agriculture and other fields. Their diverse types meet the transportation needs in different scenarios.

First, let’s talk about herringbone pattern conveyor belts. This kind of conveyor belt is named because its pattern shape resembles the Chinese character “人”. Its advantage is that it has high friction and is not easy to slip, making it especially suitable for use in wet and slippery environments.

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Next is the herringbone pattern conveyor belt. The unique pattern design of this conveyor belt not only increases friction, but also effectively prevents materials from slipping during transportation. It is especially suitable for transportation scenarios with large inclination angles.


Of course, there are also our common grass pattern conveyor belts. Its pattern is simple and elegant, which not only has excellent anti-skid performance, but can also reduce the wear between the conveyor belt and the material to a certain extent and extend the service life.

In general, there are many types of pattern conveyor belts, each with its own unique advantages and applicable scenarios. Choosing a pattern conveyor belt that suits you will not only improve transportation efficiency, but also reduce operating costs.

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