Revealing the inner secrets of steel wire core conveyor belts

Revealing the inner secrets of steel wire core conveyor belts

In modern industrial production, steel cord conveyor belts have become indispensable conveying equipment in many industries due to their excellent performance and reliability. So, what is the internal structure of this conveyor belt that makes it so outstanding? Today, let us uncover its mystery together.

The skeleton layer of the steel wire core conveyor belt is its core. It uses multiple strands of high-strength steel wire ropes. These wire ropes are evenly placed in an alternating manner with left and right twists to form a solid support structure. At the same time, the open design allows the core rubber to penetrate into each steel wire rope during the vulcanization process, which not only fills the gaps between the steel wires and prevents corrosion, but also ensures the tight bond between the steel wire rope and the rubber.
On the outside of the steel wire rope, there is the covering layer and edge glue. They are made of wear-resistant and elastic rubber materials. They can not only effectively protect the internal steel wire rope from erosion by the external environment, but also provide good friction performance when transporting materials. and impact resistance.

In addition, in order to meet the needs of different industries, steel cord conveyor belts also adopt a variety of innovative structures. For example, the new structural steel wire rope rubber seepage design greatly improves the bonding strength between rubber and steel wire ropes, effectively extending the service life of the conveyor belt. The design of enhanced tear resistance and pre-embedded coil tear resistance further enhances the impact resistance and tear resistance of the conveyor belt, allowing it to maintain stable performance in harsh working environments.
In short, steel cord conveyor belts play an irreplaceable role in industrial production with their unique internal structure and excellent performance. Whether it is coal, mining, ports, metallurgy and other fields, it has won widespread praise for its outstanding performance.

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