Rubber conveyor belt High temperature canvas rubber conveyor belt production

Rubber conveyor belt High temperature canvas rubber conveyor belt production

First of all, we specialize in producing rubber conveyor belts, especially high-temperature canvas rubber conveyor belts. Let’s take a look at its advantages below:


1. High temperature resistance: It can work in an environment of 800℃ without deformation.

2. Wear resistance and corrosion resistance: It uses EPDM rubber as the covering layer, has good wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and can resist the erosion of various chemical substances.


3. High tensile strength: The skeleton material uses high-quality high-temperature resistant canvas with high tensile strength, which is suitable for high-strength, large-load, high-speed and long-distance material transportation.

4. Softness and good flexibility: The belt body is soft and has good flexibility, which is convenient for installation and maintenance, runs smoothly, does not deviate, and greatly reduces the cost of renewal and maintenance.

Secondly, high-temperature canvas rubber conveyor belts are also particularly suitable for high-temperature working environments such as metallurgy, electricity, and building materials. In these occasions, ordinary conveyor belts are often difficult to withstand the damage caused by high temperatures, but our products can easily cope with it and ensure the continuous and stable operation of the production line.

Finally, choosing our high-temperature canvas rubber conveyor belt means that you have chosen reliability and efficiency.​Our products have a long service life and can reduce your maintenance costs. There is also perfect after-sales service to ensure your after-sales service.

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