Sand and gravel conveyor belt ore-specific thickness 10mm-12mm factory direct sales

Sand and gravel conveyor belt ore-specific thickness 10mm-12mm factory direct sales

Gravel conveyor belt ore refers to a key component of a conveying equipment designed for bulk materials such as gravel and ore – the conveyor belt. The following is a detailed explanation of the gravel conveyor belt ore:

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1. Definition:

The gravel conveyor belt ore is a special conveyor belt, which is mainly used to transport bulk materials such as gravel and ore from one location to another in mines, construction sites, logistics centers, etc.

2. Structure:

Usually made of rubber or similar materials, it has wear resistance, pressure resistance, temperature resistance and other properties.

The structure includes the core (skeleton) of the conveyor belt, which is used to withstand tension; and the covering layer, which plays a role in protecting the core and increasing friction.

3. Features:

High wear resistance: Since gravel and ore usually have high hardness and weight, the conveyor belt needs to have good wear resistance to cope with long-term and high-intensity material transportation.

High load-bearing capacity: Depending on the application scenario, the gravel conveyor belt ore may need to have different load-bearing capacities to adapt to the transportation of materials of different weights and volumes.

Adaptability: Suitable for a variety of harsh environments, such as high temperature, low temperature, humidity, etc., to ensure stable operation under various conditions.


Flexibility: Conveyor belts of different widths, lengths and thicknesses can be customized according to specific needs to meet the needs of material transportation of different scales and types.

4. Application:

Widely used in mining, construction, logistics and other industries, especially in the transportation of bulk materials such as sand and gravel, ore, etc., it plays an important role.

5. Thickness:

The thickness of the sand and gravel conveyor belt ore may vary depending on the application scenario and the nature of the material. For example, for heavy materials and long-distance transportation, you may need to choose a thicker conveyor belt to increase its load-bearing capacity and wear resistance. Generally speaking, common thickness ranges may include 10mm-12mm, etc.

Finally, choosing a suitable sand and gravel conveyor belt is crucial to improving production efficiency and reducing costs. Special conveyor belts with a thickness of 10mm-12mm have become the first choice of many companies due to their excellent performance and price advantages. Choosing our Zaozhuang Jinfu factory direct sales can ensure that you get high-quality products and services. If you are looking for a conveyor belt suitable for ore transportation, you might as well consider products in this thickness range!

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