What are the advantages of steel cord conveyor belt?

What are the advantages of steel cord conveyor belt?

First of all, it uses steel cord as the core support, which makes the conveyor belt have excellent load-bearing capacity and tensile strength, and can cope with the stringent requirements of heavy load, long distance and high-speed transportation. This design ensures the stability and reliability of the conveyor belt during transportation, and effectively reduces damage and failure caused by excessive weight of materials or long transportation distance.


Secondly, the steel cord conveyor belt has excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance. The high-quality rubber material covered on its surface can effectively resist the wear and corrosion of materials and the environment, and extend the service life of the conveyor belt.

In addition, the steel cord conveyor belt also has good troughing and lateral stability. Reduce material loss and safety hazards caused by deviation or slipping.


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