What are the uses and working principles of corrugated sidewall conveyor belts?

What are the uses and working principles of corrugated sidewall conveyor belts?


Corrugated Sidewall Conveyor Belt is a special type of conveyor belt, mainly used to prevent material overflow, improve conveying efficiency, and reduce environmental pollution during the conveying process. It is usually widely used in situations where material overflow needs to be prevented, such as inclined conveying, inclined conveying, and vertical conveying.

The working principle of Corrugated Sidewall Conveyor Belt mainly includes the following points:

Prevent material overflow: The corrugated sidewall can effectively fix the material on the conveyor belt,​ avoiding overflow during transportation and ensuring the stability and continuity of material transportation.

Improving conveying efficiency: The corrugated sidewalls can increase the carrying capacity of the conveyor belt, allowing it to carry more materials and improve conveying efficiency.

Reduce environmental pollution: Ripple sidewalls can effectively prevent material splashing and scattering, reduce environmental pollution, and protect the surrounding environment.

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