What is a nylon rubber conveyor belt?

What is a nylon rubber conveyor belt?

Today, we will focus on introducing this highly acclaimed conveyor belt product.


Nylon rubber conveyor belt not only has excellent tensile strength and wear resistance, but more importantly, it has flame retardant properties. Even in extreme environments such as high temperature and open flames, nylon rubber conveyor belts can quickly form a carbonized layer, effectively preventing the spread of flames and ensuring the safety of the conveying process.

In addition, nylon rubber conveyor belts also have excellent acid and alkali resistance and can cope with various complex industrial environments. Neither acidic nor alkaline substances can cause significant damage to it, greatly extending the service life of the conveyor belt.

The advantages of choosing our nylon rubber conveyor belt:


High-quality materials ensure stable and reliable product performance; diversified specifications and models to meet the needs of different application scenarios; professional production and testing processes to ensure that product quality meets standards; high-quality after-sales service to solve customer worries.

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