What is a pedestrian conveyor belt?

What is a pedestrian conveyor belt?

Zaozhuang Jinfu focuses on the research and development and production of V-shaped conveyor belts, providing excellent solutions for material transportation on steep slopes. We have a variety of conveyor belt types, such as open and closed V-shaped, and can customize new patterns on demand to meet various needs.


The V-shaped conveyor belt is vulcanized once, and the herringbone profile gives it long life and strong flexibility. It can convey bulk materials at an angle of 17-18 degrees, or stably transport bagged materials on a steep slope of 30-50 degrees. The specially designed anti-skid plate and the integrally formed plywood and rubber cover ensure smooth operation and strong structure, reducing noise and vibration.

These conveyor belts are widely used in agriculture (such as beet and grain transportation), sugar and salt mining, quarries, mines, cement and lime production, and coal and coke transportation, demonstrating their wide adaptability and efficiency.


Choosing Zaozhuang Jinfu means getting professionally customized, efficient, stable and durable conveyor belt solutions. We are committed to providing customers with a full range of services, from design to after-sales, to ensure that every link meets high standards. In Zaozhuang Jinfu, you will get a trustworthy material transportation partner.

If you want to know more about V-shaped conveyor belts, please visit our Zaozhuang Jinfu website “https://www.jinflexhome.com” or contact us directly by email ” enquiry@chinajinflex.com ”

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