What is the material of the Flame Resistant Conveyor Belt?

What is the material of the Flame Resistant Conveyor Belt?

Do you have any knowledge about the materials of Flame Resistant Conveyor Belt? Flame retardant conveyor belts are usually made of materials with flame retardant properties to reduce the risk of fire and improve safety. Common Flame Resistant Conveyor Belt materials include:

1. Rubber: A flame-retardant conveyor belt made of flame-retardant rubber material, with good flexibility and wear resistance, can be used in places prone to fire such as coal mines and buildings.

2. PVC (polyvinyl chloride): Flame retardant PVC conveyor belts have good flame retardant performance and are suitable for material transportation in industries such as chemical and petrochemical industries, reducing fire risks.

3. PU (polyurethane): Flame retardant PU conveyor belts are commonly used in wood processing, food processing and other places, and have characteristics such as wear resistance and flame retardancy.

4. Metal mesh with flame retardant layer: Some flame retardant conveyor belts are woven with metal wire and coated with flame retardant coating on the surface, which has a good flame retardant effect.

The above four materials are produced, researched, and sold by Zaozhuang Jinfulex Rubber and Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. The conveyor belt manufacturer lists several common flame retardant conveyor belt materials, and the specific choice of material depends on the specific usage scenario, requirements, and safety standards. When selecting flame retardant conveyor belts, it is necessary to ensure that the material has qualified flame retardant performance and complies with relevant national and industry safety standards and requirements.

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