Why design an eight-shaped pattern conveyor belt?

Why design an eight-shaped pattern conveyor belt?

The conveyor belt is a key equipment for material transmission in industry, and its performance directly affects production efficiency and safety. In particular, in the face of diverse and demanding application fields such as mining, coal power, chemical industry, and food, traditional conveyor belts often cannot meet our needs. Therefore, in order to solve these problems, an eight-shaped pattern conveyor belt was designed.

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First of all, the eight-shaped pattern design can increase the friction coefficient of the conveyor belt surface, prevent the material from sliding or slipping during the transmission process, and improve work efficiency and safety.
Secondly, it is made of high-strength materials and combined with the special structure of the eight-shaped pattern, so that the conveyor belt is not easy to debond, break, or have faults. It ensures the long-term stable operation of the conveyor belt under harsh working conditions, thereby reducing maintenance costs and replacement frequency.

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Then, it can adapt to a wide range of working environments, whether in mining, coal power, chemical industry or food industry, it can play its maximum function.
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