Why do conveyor belts use black rubber belts?

Why do conveyor belts use black rubber belts?

First of all, the black conveyor belt is excellent in heat and high temperature resistance. Even in extremely high temperature environments, it can maintain stable physical and chemical properties to ensure the safety and smoothness of the transportation process. At the same time, its burn resistance, acid and alkali resistance enable it to maintain excellent durability in corrosive environments.

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Secondly, the black conveyor belt is also excellent in cold and wear resistance. Even in extremely cold conditions, it can maintain good elasticity and toughness to ensure that the transportation process is not affected. In addition, its oil resistance, flame retardant, tear resistance and puncture resistance provide multiple safety guarantees for the transportation process.


Finally, the black conveyor belt is widely used in various industries such as mining and metallurgy, steel and coal, hydropower, building materials and chemicals, providing efficient, stable and safe solutions for the transportation of solid bulk materials in these enterprises.

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