Why is the coal mining industry so fond of flame-retardant conveyor belts?

Why is the coal mining industry so fond of flame-retardant conveyor belts?

In the coal mining industry, safety is always top priority. Whether it is daily production or equipment selection, it must be ensured that it can operate stably and safely in extreme environments. Among many mining equipment, flame-retardant conveyor belts have won widespread favor in the coal mining industry with their unique performance and wide range of application scenarios. So, why does the coal mining industry love flame-retardant conveyor belts so much? Here’s why.

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1. Good raw materials. The belt body is made of high-strength, low-elongation high-quality polyester filament in the longitudinal direction and high-strength nylon filament in the transverse direction.

2. Superior comprehensive performance with flame retardancy, electrical conductivity, overall non-delamination, small elongation, impact resistance, tear resistance, strong load-bearing capacity, good groove formation, high joint strength, and long service life.

3. Rich varieties. In addition to ordinary types, there are also types that are wear-resistant, heat-resistant, cold-resistant, acid-alkali-resistant, flame-retardant, tear-resistant, high-temperature resistant, ozone-resistant, etc.

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4. Wide range of application scenarios, mainly suitable for coal mining, metallurgy, and chemical industries. The ordinary PVC type is suitable for dry occasions where the conveying inclination is not greater than 16 degrees, and the PVG type can be used for wet occasions where the conveying inclination is less than 20 degrees.

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