How to identify the quality of mining conveyor belts

How to identify the quality of mining conveyor belts

Observing the appearance quality of the mining conveyor belt is the first step to identify its quality. By observing whether the surface of the conveyor belt is smooth, without obvious cracks, whether the color is uniform, whether there is peeling, scratches, etc., you can initially judge its quality problems.


Check the adhesive layer bonding quality. The adhesive layer bonding quality of the conveyor belt is directly related to its service life and work efficiency. You can judge the adhesive layer bonding quality by checking whether the adhesive layer bonding parts are firm and there is no obvious delamination.

Testing physical performance parameters The physical performance parameters of mining conveyor belts are important indicators for evaluating their quality. Common physical performance parameters include tensile strength, impact strength, hardness, load-bearing capacity, etc.


Detecting metal content Mine conveyor belts usually need to be in contact with metal materials. Excessive metal content may cause problems such as fracture and increased wear of the conveyor belt. Compare the requirements of national standards to determine whether the metal content meets the requirements.

Detecting Wear Resistance Mining conveyor belts are often impacted and rubbed by materials such as ore, sand and gravel. Wear resistance is an important indicator for evaluating the quality of mining conveyor belts.

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